You love what you do. You hate the perplexing, complicated and time-consuming tasks that go along with it. My mission is to make the world of work a simpler, easier place – to give a friendly ear to small business owners and organisations, and to help them find simple solutions to run and grow their business’ smoothly. That stuff you hate doing? Well I LOVE it!


For front end focused business owners, simple everyday processes can fall by the wayside and, over time, build into an unmanageable workload. I can streamline these processes. Let’s get them as simple and straightforward as possible. Back office business doesn’t have to be baffling!


Within businesses and organisations of all sizes, problems with policies, procedures and workforce can go un-noticed until it seems like it’s too late. I can unpick all sorts of tangles and help you see a way forward. Problem solving a speciality.


Got an idea? Starting a project? Not sure where to start? I can help you devise a clear plan and get you started. I can MOT your new or current business to determine your long term sustainability, viability and compliance.


Are you gathering data and not sure how to store it or use it? Perplexed by Data Protection legislation, GDPR or simply want to know if you’re allowed to email people on your mailing lists? I can help you get the right data systems in place. I can help design and maintain UK compliant  data systems that mean no more piles of paper, filing cabinets or worries about legality.


I will listen to you about what you need. We’ll agree a clear plan of work together. I am transparent about the costs involved and how long I believe the work will take. Costs include a follow up service to help you embed new ways of working. Clarity, honesty and integrity are at the core of everything I do.